SLR License

Key Features and Benefits of Cisco SLR

The licensed Cisco SLR offers a wide range of features and benefits, including:

  • License reservation: Cisco SLR allows organizations to reserve licenses for specific devices or users, ensuring that licenses are used efficiently and effectively.
  • License pooling: Cisco SLR allows organizations to pool licenses across multiple devices or users, providing greater flexibility and efficiency.
  • License tracking and reporting: Cisco SLR provides real-time tracking and reporting of license usage, enabling organizations to optimize license usage and compliance.
  • Centralized license management: Cisco SLR offers a centralized management console that allows administrators to manage licenses across the organization, view license usage, and generate reports.
  • Integration with other Cisco solutions: Cisco SLR can integrate with other Cisco solutions, such as Cisco DNA Center and Cisco Smart Software Manager, to provide a comprehensive license management solution.

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